Expert (15 years) in Lightwork and Transformation through Visualization and Concentration.

I help, support and go along with people who want a change in their lives and show them new, easy ways and solutions to make them feel better. I am always looking for simple and effective techniques and solutions.

The only constant is change!


RESET – reorient yourself

  • We are all connected to the light
  • RESET is a SESSION in which different techniques are used
  • Light Body activation
  • Forgiveness, feeling and letting go
  • Includes a guided meditation
  • Harmonization of family structures
  • Other problems can be transformed. The result is wellbeing at all levels: body, mind and soul (emotional)

Living light – Tips for everyday life

  • Helpful tips in tough situations
  • How can I take it easier?
  • How do I transform problems?
  • Enjoy life as IT IS
  • Set positive goals
  • Let go of the past and arrive in the NOW
  • We transform with guided simple visualizations
  • It’s ONLY about how you feel

          Session RESET   80€   2-3 hours 

Session  Living light  60€   1 hour   


Sessions via Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom


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Book your appointment here!


Book your appointment here! 

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